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Kerman Motor Company (Limited) was established in February 1995 under number 111476 and in February of that year at the Companies Registration Office and industrial property Tehran has been registered.

Kerman Motor started its activities by importing various models of Daewoo vehicles, after enthusiastic welcoming of customers, in order to reach primary objectives, absorb foreign investment and enter to vehicle production industry cycle, the design to produce vehicle in New Arg was executed.

Executive operations of this project was started on April of 1993, and its result was creation of various companies in the field of production and assemble of vehicle like Kerman Motor, Rayen Vehicle Maker, Bam Vehicle Makers.

Kerman Motor Company by using experience and specialized personnel implemented Daewoo Cielo production line in 1996, this company implanted production line of another model of Daewoo company vehicles named Matiz in 2000, and supply this vehicle, which all production steps conducted inside the country, to the market.

After purchase of the Daewoo factories by GM American factory, the new management of GM Daewoo refused to cooperate with Kerman Motor Company due to America Sanctions.

The main strategy of the company was the production of new vehicle named Lifan, which model of Lifan 520 supply to the market in 2008, after that the Lifan 520 I, supply to the market and good welcomed by the customers. After that, Kerman Motor Company in order to obtain customers needs and earn more vehicle markets produced and supplied Lifan 620 with 1.6 liter engine to the market and now the production of this vehicle with capacity of 1.8 liters and welfare facilities is continued.

Kerman Motor Company to complete its production basket produced and supplied SUV of X60, and we can consider this product as one of the best selling vehicles in its class in the market, also this company in order to accountability to various views of customers signed a contract with reliable brand named JAC, which was a biggest vehicle makers of China and the result of this contract was the production of Tojoy and J5 vehicle and after that automat J5 with powerful motor and more facilities added to this family.

Regarding outstanding welcome of the customers from J5 vehicle, at the end of 2014 S5 vehicle, a SUV from JAC Company submitted to the market. This is the first vehicle produced in Iran which holds handed 6-gear gearbox with turbo 2000cc engine.

Kerman Motor Company is intended to submit automat S5 vehicle with more complete equipment comparing to ordinary gear model ones to the market.

Other projects of Kerman Motor Companies in 2015, was Lifan X50 vehicle, which was to be submitted to the market in two models of CVT and ordinary gear. This vehicle is Cross Over and its objective customers group is youths and for them is designed and supplied and it is not competitive in Iran market.

Responsibilities and staff of Kerman Motor Company considered their experience in these years along with development and expansion of their production concurrent with global new technology and don’t stop up to reach this object.

Kerman Khodro Industrial Group

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The collection named Kerman Group started its activities in the field of importation of various models of Daewoo vehicles on January of 1990 and its beliefs are as follows:

In any field we are entering, grasp the 1st rank in respect to quality and act like small institutes in respect to speed and agility. We looked in customer’s eyes respectfully and smiling on them and take his satisfaction as our duty.

After outstanding welcome by customers form our products in order to reach our primary objects, absorb foreign investment and take position in the cycle of vehicle production, we execute vehicle production design in Arg e Jadid.

Executive operation of this enormous project was started in one of deprived district of the State in a waste land in heart of the desert, where now are known as special economic region of Arg e Jadid.

The main reason to choice this region was its extraordinary deprivation, with the view that establishment of an economic center will be caused job creation, economy flourishing, aids deprivation, security and at result will prevent from immigration which in practice we have reached to these goals.

Kerman Khodro started its activity in the field of importing various models of Daewoo vehicles, After outstanding welcome by customers form our products in order to reach our primary objects, absorb foreign investment and take position in the cycle of vehicle production, we execute vehicle production design in Arg e Jadid.

Executive operation of this project was started in 1993 and its result was creating various companies in the field of production and assembly of vehicles like Kerman Motor, Rayen Vehicle Making, Bam Vehicle Making.

Ethics Chart of KAIC:

In any field that we enter:

In respect to quality, we take 1st rank
In respect to speed and agility, we act like small institutes

We looked in customer’s eyes respectfully and smiling on them and take his satisfaction as our duty.

Arg e Jadid

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Kerman province is the 2nd widest province of Iran. This province is located in the southeast of the State, due to its geographical position; it holds natural resources and valuable bio-environmental absorptions. Fertile soil, reached mines and its four seasons atmosphere caused many eyes follow this country and many thinks are following to obtain its outstanding wealth.

Bam city is located in Kerman Province, its distance from Tehran is about 1283 Km and is located in wide land between two mountains named Barez and Kaboudi. Its weather is warm in plain area and average in mountain plots. Its old history is intermingled with Bam Arg, which is the greatest Adobe in the world. Arg-e Bam, the greatest adobe building in the world, make flourish the tourism industry of the province. Delicious date of Bam is registered its taste around the world.

Arg e Jadid located in near 10-kilometers of Bam City, is considered as an absorbing region for investment and a beautiful place for tourists. Approximate measure of this region is about 2100 acres of which 1000 acres is assigned to special economic region and rest of which is modern collection with welfare and tourism facilities under name of Arg e Jadid Township. The investments accomplished in this region are provided short and long term residence. Facilities like training facilities for children from preschool to high school, various hotels which cover all manners and sportive facilities like sports saloons, amphitheater, various restaurants, etc.

Due to proper rainfalls pouring in peripheral mountains, the Arg e Jadid has suitable water reservoir as though it is located on the sidelines of the desert. Design engineers of this region create beautiful region in the heart of the desert by combining water and natural perspectives which absorbs any spectator.

The construction of this region is started from 1991, and even the Bam earthquake in 2002 didn’t stop its progression.

Observing the Regulations and localized this region as part of special economic regions, the importation of raw materials and products to Arg e Jadid are done without any customs costs and this is a suitable opportunity for investing of foreign companies in this region. The vehicle makers companies and its affiliated industries can be considered as Arg economic pole of Arg e Jadid, the collection named Kerman Khodro, and its establishment date is the same as Arg e Jadid.

Lifan Motors

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For 23 years, Lifan Group is on the way, where thunderstorms are illuminated with prosperity.

Lifan Group is a large-scale private enterprise focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of engines, general machinery, automobiles and motors, meanwhile being involved in finance, securities and real estate.
Starting from power system, Lifan Group has developed business portfolio that is focused on auto, motor and general machinery. By sticking to the development of self-owned brand, independent R&D and internationalization strategy, Lifan has achieved organic combination of entity industry and financial services.

Set sail in virtue of wind. Through a worldwide sales network, Lifan Group has its products sold to 165 countries and regions e.g. Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, etc., setting and maintaining the record of highest export volume among domestic peers for years. Lifan has received the greatest honor as "National Identity" of China, which made the enterprise one of the 100 well-known enterprises that represent China's 60-year economic development since the founding of the nation.

In 2014, Lifan Group achieved sales revenue of RMB 30.62 billion by selling 283,100 autos, 1,393,100 motors, 3,674,600 engines and 401,100 general machineries, and earned USD 1.033 billion through exports. The subsidiary Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first private passenger car A stock listed in China.

Lifan Motors, an innovative force in China national auto manufacturing industry.

In January of 2006, the world debut of the first model Lifan 520 marked that Lifan officially started to enter automobile industry.

Depending on massive investment into auto projects, Lifan Group has developed into one of the enterprises with the most extended product lines, with licenses to produce a series of products e.g. passenger car, minicar, truck, special vehicle, bus, etc. In 2014, sales revenue of Lifan passenger cars reached RMB 7.485 billion, increased 18.87% in comparison, with the amount of exportation of 6.304 billion Yuan, increased 17.79% in comparison, keeping No.1 among Chongqing private manufacturing enterprises.

Through nine years of constant strivings, Lifan Motors has made qualitative leaps in capacity, product line, manufacturing process and quality control. In terms of capacity, the three factories in Chongqing are all equipped with advanced production lines for stamping, welding, coating, assembly and engine, as well as the test line for dynamic performance of entire vehicles. At present, the 4th factory is under construction. Completion of all the above-mentioned factories will put the capacity of Lifan well over the 1 million mark.

In terms of product line, the three major platforms have been available to produce small models, compact models, and mid-sized/oversize models. Currently, a wide variety of sedan, SUV and MPV have been produced in much higher quality.

Now, Lifan Motors offers a wide range of models e.g. Lifan 520, 520i, 320, 330, 530, 620, 630, 720, 820, X50, X60, micro vans and so on and had them exported and fully participated in the internationalized competition on global market.

In terms of new energy autos, Lifan has successfully developed model 320 and 620 electric vehicles.

As planned, Lifan Motors will develop at least two new products every year. It will have its cross-over compact SUV such as Lifan X50, home and business application B-Class such as Lifan 820, home MPV such as Lifan CA08 debuted in 2014, so as to achieve stereoscopic development of the company.

Jac Motors

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Established in 1964 as Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory, its name was changed to Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. in 1997. The company made an IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001.

AC has historically only produced commercial trucks (under the brand name Jianghui), but MPVs and SUVs appeared in the 2000s. By 2007, the company had gained government approval for passenger car production but, nonetheless, continued to be referred to as a truck maker. Prior to the 2007 acquisition of a passenger car license, JAC cooperated with Hyundai Motor Company in the early 2000s in an attempt to expand its product line.[citation needed] Beginning in 2003, it assembled Hyundai MPVs although this stopped sometime prior to 2007. At least two models based on Hyundai technology continued to be made by JAC after the cooperation was cancelled–a MPV and a SUV. Hyundai explored setting up a joint venture with the company in 2004.

n 2009, the Chinese government indicated that it supported consolidation in the Chinese auto industry, leading analysts to predict the possibility of JAC joining with Chery since they are both located in Anhui province. On the surface such a merger would make sense: Chery mainly built passenger cars, and JAC was almost entirely focused on trucks at the time. Since then, however, JAC has made it clear that it is not interested in consolidation under the aegis of the larger Chery. JAC has begun to concentrate more on passenger cars, and a 2010 announcement of a new electric vehicle program may—at least partially—have been an effort to stave off the rumored merger.

In 2010, it was one of the top ten most-productive vehicle manufacturers in China selling 458,500 units for 2.5% market share and reaching eighth place. JAC dropped one spot to ninth in 2011 making nearly 500,000 vehicles, and in 2012 a fall in units produced to about 445,000 precipitated the company's moving down one more rung to tenth place. Estimated production capacity is over 500,000 units/year as of 2009.

In the 2000s, its flagship model was the Refine (Ruifeng in Chinese). The restyled 2004 Ruifeng Gold featured 60% Chinese-made part content.

JAC currently produces the following passenger cars:
S3, S5, J5, ...